The weather around the British Isles is as you already know very changeable so here’s some information to guide you. There’s nothing worse than driving miles to your favourite launch just to see pea soup fog, maybe ‘white tops’ or the sea churned up full of surf when the forecast said otherwise! The image below is just for looks and there’s a page dedicated to explaining all about it, enjoy!

Cumulus Nimbus – possibly the worst to see cloud for us, more on this in depth under ‘clouds’

Staying safe out there on the sea requires knowledge and that is why this site was put up originally. Learning all about the wind and tides could save your life so please take the time to learn them.

Check two or three weather forecast sites hourly leading up to a planned trip as it can prove REALLY vital at times! Also check with paddle buddies to see what they think too as if you both check one forecast each and decide to go and it changes two days are ruined not just one and possibly more!

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