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I’ve just had my first kind message from “Alan” (cheers mate) saying welcome back but where are the forums as I can’t log in? So here’s the reason. The host I was with briefly (thinking the grass is greener…) arrogantly wiped all my site data including back ups going back months! They then asked me for £200 to gain access to the back ups for me to restore them. Me being me (and skint) I thought KFUK you! I’ll just go to another host and rebuild my two main sites. RIGHT CLICK FIX went fine as there’s not a lot on it and it was a good chance to revamp it for 2020 🙂

Now the forums had pretty much died a death due to Facebook taking over all forums sadly so I’m now at the stage where I need to;

  1. Pay for the back up for a forum barely used that costs me $40 a year to maintain and go through all the recovery process (nightmare)
  2. Bite the bullet and just leave the old forums and replace them with a new build using a free and popular build other sites use
  3. Just leave the forums and go with the Facebook group and concentrate the site on good information

Its on the back burner right now as I’m putting everything into the site rebuild, replacing all the new info posts I rebuilt it with in September/October. I do have a back up of the forums and site from October but implementing them on a new host was proving too much hassle so I just built the new site. I could however press on and get the old forums back up in time but is it worth it? There’s a lot of info there going back to 2007 (last disaster) but most of it is obsolete now.

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