I’m Retiring!

I’ve been hanging in there all this summer waiting for results but having just attended the local hospital (after a 4 month fight) to have my knee x-rayed for a probable hamstring tear but possible meniscus tear and crossing the car parks to enter, coughed and slipped a lumbar disc that prolapsed in July (2nd one, I had a discectomy in 2019) and had to be put in a wheel chair to be taken to x-ray! I can now safely say at 57 years old I’m literally “KFUK’d” and officially retiring from the sport!

They had me lie on my right side to x-ray the inside of the knee so I had to lie on my right shoulder that needs replacing. So that coupled with a slipped disc and knackered knee joint (I won’t mention the rest…) it’s time to get real and acknowledge old age and ailments are making me a liability on the water and I simply cannot risk it 🙁

I’ve had a lot of great fun and caught plenty of fish over 20 years and met some lovely friends along the way but time stands still for no man as they say and it’s my time to stay dry and stay safe!

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