Storage Boxes

keeping our gear dry

A lot of the equipment we take on the water is metal based or has metal for hinges/joints and salt water is its worst enemy. Whilst we’re unable to stop the rot we can minimise it by keeping these items as dry and clean as possible. A dry storage box kept in the tank well is perfect for this. A common and hard to find nowadays box is the ‘Vittles’ dry pet food storage box. With its air tight screw down lid it’s perfect for access and keeping the gear dry. You will struggle to get one of thesed boxes and will most likely find one in the USA but the p&p will no doubt sting you for double the cost so be wary.

There are other options around and your local Wickes and B&Q are a great place to look with Screwfix and other trade type outlets being the best for large storage boxes.

vittles vault
Site Member Wayne with his prize Cod and Vittles Box in the tank well

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